Queen It Shall Be – Poetess, Hip-Hop Artist And Creator Of Hillman The Game


Hillman the Game is the first tabletop board game from In All Series-Ness, which is founded by the host of The Writers Block Poetry Show, Tanisha Hall aka Queen It Shall Be.  The game centers around the ’90 sitcom series ‘A Different World’.  Queen created the board game to fill a void in the trivia category for black comedy series’.

Queen It Shall Be

Poet, Performing Artist and Founder and Host of The Writer’s Block Poetry Show


Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Award-winning poet, writer of Smile (Why I), and a member of the Unusual Suspects poetry slam team of Columbia, SC. Mother to three, sister to eleven and friend to many. Known for direct nature and comedic delivery.

This Poetess is a mover and shaker in the Columbia, SC poetry, spoken word, and hip-hop music scene.  She hosts The Writer’s Block Poetry show regularly at local venues.  The Writer’s Block Poetry Show showcases the talents of regional poets/spoken word performers, Hip-Hop artist, singers and from time to time, the artwork of local artist.  Queen, often along with other talented Poets and Hip-Hop artists keep the audience laughing and entertained with their talent, humor, and witty banter.

Please email QueenItShallBe@gmail.com for additional information.

<a href=”http://queenitshallbe.bandcamp.com/album/reintroduction” data-mce-href=”http://queenitshallbe.bandcamp.com/album/reintroduction”>Reintroduction by Queen It Shall Be</a>

The Love Algorithm and How to Market Your Music By Truth. (Part 1 – The Artist Perspective)

The Love Algorithm And How To Market Your Music By Truth.

The Love Algorithm is On The Come-Up Marketing and Promotion Elevation explanation on how to market your music in the music industry today. The music business is ever changing so new social media marketing strategies are required to take advantage of evolving trends.

Through my studies, I’ve learned that we primarily rely on truth to make our way through life.  Truth is what you can bank on forever.  A person in the music business has to rely on what he knows to be true and relate that truth to what they desire to accomplish.

What is the truth?

The truth is what you know to be.  The truth is what is apparent to your gut at any moment yet it stands the test of time.  The truth is always now and eternal.

The truth about marketing music now is you have to connect with your audience if you’re a music maker.  It’s best to know what they want and then provide it. The FAN is the source of success in the music industry.  This is why the music industry does studies to know what people think of certain songs.  In fact, there are several sites that survey music fans to get data on what songs they like.  I’m sure this data will be supplied (sold) to music streaming platforms, radio and tv stations and a host of other entities that value this sort of information.  Before they invest, they want to know the likely chance of having a “hit” or popular track.

What Does This Mean To An Independent Artist?

This means you have to either get into the system somehow or use the truth that exists right now to your advantage.  Fans express their love for music through social media.  it’s their way of saying I like this and I’d like more music like this.  This is good for the artist because they have the ability to see who loves their music and gives them needed feedback on which songs are connecting with their audience.  A smart artist would draw some conclusions and make more music similar in nature to what their fans seem to like from them.

The Baseball Bat In The Tree.

Here’s an analogy to better expresses my point.  It is a truth, that there’s a wooden baseball bat in every tree.  Trees are wood and wooden baseball bats are made of wood.  The bat has to be carved out of the tree.  The music industry is like a very large tree.  The “baseball bat” inside the music industry tree is the artist’s fanbase, which can range in size from a miniature Louisville slugger to a club whose largest diameter spans the entire tree trunk.

In order to make your bat out of the music industry tree, you have to carve away all that does not matter and shape out a fanbase(bat) that is yours.  This amounts to finding out who your true fans are and growing it from there.

Where Are Your Fans And How Do You Connect With Them?

The Fans reveal themselves through their social media, this means the independent artist has to follow the fans and not the other way around.  That is the truth unless they can get their music where it can be rated and pushed by who knows who in the corporate system.  Easier said than done with the music saturation that’s now the case.

The solution is to ask whoever will, to rate your music and take heed to those that show themselves to be fans and admirers.  Treat those fans/followers like gold and cherish them by catering to what that like from you.  The is The Love Algorithm from the artist point of view.  Show love to those who show love aka Be a Fan of the Fan.