Best New Music for the month of January 2020

Here are the playlists of the music we discovered and curated for the month of January this year. This being a new year, we decided to pledge to only add new music we purchased to stations. We feel this stance goes to show our sincerity in music selections.

Anyone can add music to a playlist and say they love it. However, did they invest in it? Do they love it enough to put money on it? They say that the value of money decreased when it went off the gold standard. Meaning it was no longer worth it’s equivalent in gold.

Could the same be said about music? Is music not worth as much, because we went off the “buy” standard? Would so many people think they were music artist if they were judged strictly by their sales? We may never know in these times.

I want Bodybyloud.FM to be different. I also want to be able to say don’t ask me to spend my money on music you didn’t spend your money on. This keeps people straight up and real.

Enjoy the January 2020 edition of the monthly best new music playlist.

Author: Bodybyloud!

The GetRight Movement is Consciousness Elevation. The GetRight Spot! is Bodybyloud! I am the mind of both. Let's get our minds right and create what's good. Come join #TheGetRightMovement and find Elevation.

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