How Thoughts Attract Like-Thoughts And Circumstances

Image 7-9-19 at 4.07 PMThe book, Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World, by William Walker Atkinson is one of those books that gives me a greater understanding of this thing called “The Law of Attraction”. I’m one of those people who likes to know the root of things or where something came from, so I can better understand where it is now. I like to know I’m not off on a tangent of something that started off one way and got changed into something totally different, like Christianity.  More on that later.  Besides, if  something is righteous then it can stand research or at least some scutiny.

This book seems to be better at explaining the Law of Attraction than any other book I’ve run across since I was introduced to the law. The fact that it was written back in 1906 when the New Thought Movement was in its infancy makes it more up my alley.

I find it interesting Atkinson says we attract circumstances tuned to the thoughts we have. For instance, if I’m mean and belligerent I will attract situations and circumstances that will allow me to express those thoughts and emotions. Anger thoughts, within, attract situations in tune with those anger thoughts, without. Peace within, attracts peace without .

What can we learn from this book?  How can I use this new found knowledge to make things better for myself and others?  These questions are answered with knowing how thoughts create life circumstances.  Just knowing how thoughts affect you life gives you the incentive to keep your mind on the good you want to attract. We primarily learn why to discipline our mind.  Don’t take your thoughts lightly because they DO make your life.

Author: Bodybyloud!

The GetRight Movement is Consciousness Elevation. The GetRight Spot! is Bodybyloud! I am the mind of both. Let's get our minds right and create what's good. Come join #TheGetRightMovement and find Elevation.

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