Queen It Shall Be – Poetess, Hip-Hop Artist And Creator Of Hillman The Game


Hillman the Game is the first tabletop board game from In All Series-Ness, which is founded by the host of The Writers Block Poetry Show, Tanisha Hall aka Queen It Shall Be.  The game centers around the ’90 sitcom series ‘A Different World’.  Queen created the board game to fill a void in the trivia category for black comedy series’.

Queen It Shall Be

Poet, Performing Artist and Founder and Host of The Writer’s Block Poetry Show


Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Award-winning poet, writer of Smile (Why I), and a member of the Unusual Suspects poetry slam team of Columbia, SC. Mother to three, sister to eleven and friend to many. Known for direct nature and comedic delivery.

This Poetess is a mover and shaker in the Columbia, SC poetry, spoken word, and hip-hop music scene.  She hosts The Writer’s Block Poetry show regularly at local venues.  The Writer’s Block Poetry Show showcases the talents of regional poets/spoken word performers, Hip-Hop artist, singers and from time to time, the artwork of local artist.  Queen, often along with other talented Poets and Hip-Hop artists keep the audience laughing and entertained with their talent, humor, and witty banter.

Please email QueenItShallBe@gmail.com for additional information.

<a href=”http://queenitshallbe.bandcamp.com/album/reintroduction” data-mce-href=”http://queenitshallbe.bandcamp.com/album/reintroduction”>Reintroduction by Queen It Shall Be</a>

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